Stacking Doors

A neat way to create stacks of living space

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The versatility of Stacking Screen Doors

If you love the versatility of stacking doors, Crimsafe has just the thing.  With Crimsafe Stacking Security Doors it’s so easy to transition from totally secure to open and welcoming. The panels can be configured to lock in the centre or along the door jambs on the right or left.

Each panel interlocks at a pre-designed meeting point. Once this connection has been made, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, and the natural light and airflow that keep you connected to the outside.

Benefits of our Stacking Doors

Crimsafe Stacked Screen Doors feature our patented technology with structural grade mesh and exclusive Screw-Clamp system. They can be neatly stacked away or locked together to form a secure barrier. Benefits include:

  • A secure interlocking panel design
  • Panels that stack in front of each other
  • A clear view without bars or grills
  • An extremely versatile open plan solution
  • Natural light and airflow into your home
A Crimsafe Authorised Licensee will be in touch shortly