French Doors

A stylish security solution

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French Security Doors are an attractive option

French doors are sometimes targeted by burglars because they see them as an easy break-in point. That’s why Crimsafe developed double French door security screens. One screen is bolted top and bottom for rigid strength. The other screen locks to it with a three-point mechanism that triples the headaches for burglars. Anyone thinking about a quick and quiet break-in, can think again.

Best of all, the need for security won’t compromise the style of your home.  Crimsafe’s design mirrors the form and function of your current doors to create a stylish visual balance.

Benefits of our French Doors

If you like the look of French doors, but you’re concerned that they might not be secure enough, Crimsafe’s patented technology with structural grade mesh and exclusive Screw-Clamp system is the answer. Our Double French Door Security Screens:

  • Fit over the top of your existing doors
  • Have a triple locking mechanism
  • Provide a barrier to flies and mosquitoes
  • Are made to measure for a perfect fit
  • Have a Crimsafe Ultimate option
A Crimsafe Authorised Licensee will be in touch shortly